Dental Implants in Farmingdale, NY


Dental implants are the modern solution for missing teeth. The implants are metal screws placed in the jawbone to replace the missing roots of missing teeth. When the implants are sufficiently stable, dental restorations are attached to replace the visible portion of the missing teeth.

Dental implants restore your ability to eat whatever you like, speak clearly, and smile with assurance. Dental implants have many advantages, including their longevity – most dental implants last 30 years or more, and the crowns or dental prosthetics can last 20 years or more. Dental implants are more secure than dentures, functioning and feeling like natural teeth. Dental implants also preserve your facial contours and prevent jawbone deterioration due to missing teeth.

The implants are small titanium posts or screws placed in the jawbone. Over several months, the surrounding bone fuses with the titanium to provide a stable base for artificial teeth. Dr. Chrisphonte later attaches crowns or a dental prosthetic to restore the look and performance of your teeth.

Dr. Chrisphonte proudly offers complete dental implant restoration in her Farmingdale office. For many patients, the long process of getting dental implants and crowns or dental prosthetics is a collaboration between two or more specialists, including an oral surgeon, dentist, or prosthodontist. However, Dr. Chrisphonte is uniquely experienced with the entire process and treats her patients through every step, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple specialists and offering exceptional results.

Dental implants are changing the way people live! With them, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life.

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Evaluation for Dental Implants and Restoration in Farmingdale

Patients considering dental implants and restoration must be evaluated by Dr. Chrisphonte. A complete dental exam, 3D imaging and x-rays, and a discussion of your medical history will give her the information needed to determine whether implants are right for you, considering your preferences and needs. Your questions are important and will be answered in detail by Dr. Chrisphonte.

Surgical Advances in Dental Implants


Dr. Chrisphonte provides the latest techniques in dental implant placement, including single-stage implants that do not require a second surgery to uncover the top of the implants. Once the implants are in place, you may be able to have the restorations attached in as little as six weeks, although the implants will continue to integrate with the jawbone for several months.

Dental Implant Procedure

At Genuine Smiles, the entire dental implant procedure is handled by Dr. Chrisphonte. During the implant surgery, she will surgically open the gums to expose the jawbone where the teeth are missing. After carefully drilling openings in the jawbone, she places the implants in the spaces. She closes the incision with sutures to allow time for healing and osseointegration.

You can wear a temporary dental prosthetic during the healing process while you wait for your permanent restorations.

Dr. Chrisphonte takes an impression of the mouth and uses this to design the crowns or restorations to be attached to the implants. After at least six weeks to allow osseointegration of the dental implants and jawbone, she places the restorations on the implants. During this time, you will eat a soft diet and avoid chewing anything hard or sticky.

In some cases, a two-step surgical process may be needed depending on your oral health and the condition of your jawbone and gums. If necessary, the first surgery is to place the implants and cover them completely while they heal. During a second surgery, the tops of the implants are uncovered, and several weeks are needed for swelling to subside before attaching the dental restorations. Dr. Chrisphonte can advise whether single- or two-stage implants will give you the best results.

Your healing timeline depends on a number of variables. Although dental implants may be ready to accept dental restorations in as little as six weeks for some patients, each individual requires specific treatment. It may take six to eight months for the complete integration of the implants with the jawbone.

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